poetry: Michelle Seaman

music: Benjamin Dauer


The Dwindlers are ambience and imagery. Blending poetry and music, we write about strange dreams, birds, cats, primates, and pollinators. Through our music, we’ve healed our physical challenges and honored the places we’ve called home.

We sincerely thank you for listening.


Beautiful Unfamiliar

2018 - Coming Soon

On “Beautiful Unfamiliar,” each song is like a photograph that tries to capture an essence, a key moment from our time living and traveling in Europe.

In this collection, we attempt to honor an experience that felt like a dream, a dream that shaped and changed us forever.



2012 - Feedback Loop Label

“Allegories” is a collection of music and poetry composed as an effort to change stories of pain and fear into stories of grace.

Inspired by the elegant movements of animals, birds, and insects, this collection hopes to charm and sometimes challenge the listener.



2010 - Feedback Loop Label

Through the poetry of “Dreams,” we hope to momentarily capture what connects and personalizes us through the common experience of sleep.

Originally released on the Feedback Loop label, our debut album is now available with 3 bonus tracks.