poetry: Michelle Seaman

music: Benjamin Dauer


The Dwindlers are ambience and imagery. Blending poetry and music, we write about dreams, nature, and travel.

Thank you for listening.


Biotic Agents

2020 - Available Now

Biotic Agents pairs modern classical music with pantoums, villanelles, altered minute poems, and sonnets.

This album explores the cycles of life, from pollination to death, teaching the speaker to accept transformation, be at peace with her limits and ultimately connect the strength and fragility of her body to the whole of the natural world.


Beautiful Unfamiliar

2018 - Available Now

On Beautiful Unfamiliar, each song tries to capture a key moment from our time living and traveling in Europe.

In this collection, we attempt to honor an experience that felt like a dream and changed us forever.



2012 - Feedback Loop Label

Allegories is a collection of music and poetry composed as an effort to change pain and fear into grace.

Inspired by the elegant movements of animals, birds and insects, this collection hopes to charm and inspire listeners to connect with other species.



2010 - Feedback Loop Label

Through the poetry of Dreams, we hope to momentarily capture what connects and personalizes us through the common experience of sleep.

Originally released on the Feedback Loop label, our debut album is now available with three bonus tracks.


Michelle Seaman

Michelle is a writer and interdisciplinary artist who loves to wander in the woods and by the ocean.


Benjamin Dauer

Benjamin is a musician and interdisciplinary artist who explores the boundaries of modern music through experimentation and play.